The Uber One campaign will only be shown in the United Kingdom

The Uber One campaign will only be shown in the United Kingdom

Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield appear as the main stars of a new UberEats campaign, according to The Drum. In the scenes, you can see the conversation between the two and after a while, it’s the simple things that connect people the most. Several vignettes show the cast forming a relationship while traveling to London to do what they do best: eat and sightsee.

“Our new campaign aims to let people know that Uber One membership is something almost everyone has,” commented Maya Gallego Spiers, head of marketing for the UK and Ireland at Uber and Uber Eats.


“With Uber One, members can save money on Uber and Uber Eats, and it’s already being enjoyed by over one million people in the UK. For our first Uber One campaign, we were lucky enough to work with the incredibly brilliant Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield, who brought the campaign to life on screen. Beautifully brought to life,” Gallego said in a press release.

The Uber One campaign brings humor and airs in different formats

Mother London was responsible for creating the Uber One campaign starring Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield. Media planning was handled by EssenceMediacom.

The action has a humorous tone and will be broadcast across cinemas, television, digital world and OOH. This campaign will only run in the UK. In the country, Uber One, a program that offers discounts on Uber Eats deliveries and rides, has more than a million members.

One of the films titled “Best Friends Full Length” (“Best Friends Full Length”, in direct translation) was posted on YouTube by UberEats and has already been approved by users. One viewer of the video wrote, “This is the biggest ad of my life.”

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The Uber One campaign was directed by David Shane, and last month, it was even speculated to be a new take on the movie “Taxi Driver.” The company has invested in several celebrities for advertising to increase subscriptions to the service, which is also promoted in the US. Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicholas Braun, Jennifer Coolidge, Sarah Silverman and Trevor Noah have already starred in campaigns for the product.

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