The tragic discovery of the case of missing girls with their father in Spain

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Olivia, Anna and Thomas Gimeno disappeared on April 27 in Tenerife, Spain

On Thursday (10/06) a search team found the body of 6-year-old Olivia Jimeno Zimmermann at a depth of 1,000 meters off the coast of Tenerife.

The girl and sister Anna, aged one, disappeared on April 27, the same day their father, Thomas Gimeno, 37, was supposed to hand them over to his ex-wife, Beatrice Zimmermann, after spending the afternoon with them.

The girls never returned, but Beatrice and the authorities still hope they’re both alive. The discovery of Olivia’s body was a huge blow.

“I cannot imagine the pain of Anna and Olivia’s mother, who disappeared in Tenerife, because of the terrible news we just heard,” said the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.

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