How to make sure your WhatsApp audios are only between the two of you

How to make sure your WhatsApp audios are only between the two of you

Concerned about the privacy of your audio recordings on WhatsApp? The platform recently added a feature that may be of interest to those who value discretion in their communications. It is now possible to send voice messages that can only be heard once by the recipient before they disappear automatically.

This feature is already known for videos and photos and has arrived for audio to increase the security and privacy of your conversations.

What is Single Audio Playback and how does it work?

This new functionality allows users to send audio clips that disappear from the conversation once they are played. This feature is ideal for sharing sensitive or personal information that you don't want to redistribute or keep.

Sending a single playback sound is simple. Check it step by step:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation you want to send audio to.
  2. Tap the microphone icon to record your message.
  3. Swipe up until the lock appears, ensuring the audio is sent as one playback.
  4. Before sending, select the “1” icon, to indicate that the audio is for individual viewing.
  5. Send the audio, and it will be protected by the function that prevents forwarding.

Why use this feature?

WhatsApp developed this option thinking about it Privacy From its users. Ideal for times when confidentiality is crucial, such as exchanging banking information or organizing surprises, this feature ensures that your voice messages are not made public or used inappropriately. All messages sent with this function Protected by encryption End-to-end, meaning only you and the recipient can access the content.

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Although individual audio recordings cannot be forwarded, for common audio recordings, WhatsApp determines whether they were shared from another conversation. If an audio clip is forwarded to you, it will come with a label that says “Forwarded” or “Forwarded From” [Nome do Contato]”, which helps to understand the origin of the message.

Privacy Notice

WhatsApp continues to emphasize the importance of privacy and security in its updates, and recommends caution when sharing personal data on online platforms. The individual audio playback function is just another tool that helps keep your communications private and secure.

This function is available for Android and iOS users, making it easy to send a secure voice to anyone in your WhatsApp contacts list.

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