“The Sun” newspaper publishes pictures of Princess Kate

“The Sun” newspaper publishes pictures of Princess Kate

According to the publication, she was shopping with her husband and laughing; This is the first photo of Kate since the photo was altered on a computer

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, was out shopping with her husband Prince William on Saturday (February 16, 2024). According to a British tabloid the sunShe looked “Happy and Healthy”. This is the first post in the UK since the Mother's Day photo manipulation controversy.

Kate and William were spotted without their children George, Charlotte and Louis Windsor Farm Shop, an agricultural produce store. It will be recorded on Saturday (February 16) near his home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

On March 11, the agencies Good pictures, AFP (Agence France-Presse), Reuters This is AP (Associated Press) A photo of Kate Middleton, celebrated in the United Kingdom on March 10 on Mother's Day, released by Kensington Palace, has been excluded from their lists. While announcing the removal of the image, the agencies said that the photo was suspected to have been tampered with.

In the material, Kate appears with her children. The title says: “Thank you for your kind words and continued support over the last 2 months”.

Check out the image:

This is the first official photo of the princess since stomach surgery in January.

In a post on social media, Kate said she loved it “Editing Experiences” And apologized “For any confusion” That photo “caused by”.

Speculation and conspiracy theories about Middleton's health have grown since she stopped making public appearances after her surgery. At the time of the operation, Kensington Palace said he would be at home recovering until at least Easter.

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