The study says a distance of 2 meters does not prevent infection

The study says a distance of 2 meters does not prevent infection

A study by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom shows that two meters of social distance is not always enough to prevent the spread of Govt-19 infection. This rule has been adopted by many countries around the world, including Brazil, as a precautionary measure, and infections have been reduced as the vaccine progresses.

According to a study by the university’s Department of Engineering, published in the journal Physics of fluids, Even outside, a victim who is not wearing a mask can still infect others within two meters. This study used computer modeling to measure how airborne droplets are spread by people after coughing.

The survey was conducted to show how many droplets another person had after a cough – how big they were. Studies show that this data varies from time to time after coughing and distance, but people who are sick often cough twice, they reminded, which increases the risk to the environment.

According to the researchers, most large droplets fall on nearby surfaces in this situation, but analysis shows that small droplets suspended in the air can quickly spread beyond two meters. Therefore, they highlighted the need and importance of ventilation and wearing masks indoors.

Release of the application of external masks

Government of Sவோo Paulo Announced today the mandatory use of masks in the open environment and without crowds. The move comes into effect across the state from December 11.

As UOL If advanced, flexibility will be allowed in larger areas such as streets and parks that allow distance. In addition, safety will be mandatory on both indoor and public transportation.

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Among the arguments used, studies from 2020 show that the risk of contamination in open and ventilated areas is almost zero.

Following the announcement, Sao Paulo Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) said in an interview. UOL News, That The city must follow the state and release the masks in places Open. Nunes explained that the municipal health department has already put forward two studies, which will be the basis for the decision, and that a third survey should be submitted by December 5th.

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