The study indicates that Brazil is the fourth country in terms of searching for NFL on Google

In the past 12 months, Brazilians have generated 218,000 posts about psychics players on social media

Newsroom – São Paulo (SP) Posted 5/10/2022 at 11:25am – Updated at 11:27am

In the past twelve months, Brazil has ranked fourth among the countries most searched for content from NFLIn the world, after the United States, Mexico and Canada only, tied with the United Kingdom. This is one of the data from the “The NFL Invades Brazil” study, which was produced by Bates. In the same period, the traffic of Brazilians on the official website of the NFL was the eighth largest, after the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Australia and Denmark.

Celebrities like singer Anita and Casemiro streamerwho became the presenter with the world’s largest following on Twitch, helped make the NFL resonate on social media last season and were a major influencer regarding Super Bowl LVI in Brazil.

In the past 12 months, CBF fans have posted 218,000 posts on FacebookAnd TwitterAnd InstagramAbout the midfielders who played last season. Combined, the social networks of the NFL in Brazil have 724 thousand followers.

In Brazil, the main reference for this post, Tom Brady, who is married to Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, is already attracting more Brazilians in Google searches than his wife, who has retired from the catwalks. Brady has appeared in over 30% of social media posts and is the athlete who has sparked the most public interest in the past five years. With retirement imminentthe data reveal that a potential replacement for Gisele’s husband as a major future name for the league for the Brazilians is Patrick Mahomes, from Kansas City Chiefs.

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“Participation in NFL among Brazilians is more a way of life than a connection to a sport. Unlike national football, which can be played anywhere, anytime and even by two people, American football requires a greater amount of logistics,” Bates said. .

“NFL fans in the country are in categories A and B, with access to pay-TV services and niche sites,” the survey added.

In addition to the sport’s obvious growth potential, which is a business opportunity, it’s important to note that 24.4% of tweets posted in Brazil in the past 12 months about the NFL came from female profiles.

NFL broadcast

The NFL has been broadcast on Brazilian television since the late 1980s. Since the mid-2000s, one of the ESPN Home Products.

“Diversification of game broadcasting channels, especially YouTube and Twitch, as well as opening up television, as is already the case with the NBA, will help spread the league in the country, and also increase the participation of netizens and digital influencers on social networks,” Bates noted.

For the study, “other measures, such as creating and managing official profiles, in Portuguese, for the league’s social networking franchises, direct partnerships with niche and non-professional Brazilian digital influencers, increasing the exposure of official NFL products in the country and the entry of new Brazilian players into the league would be He also has the ability to spread interest in sports in Brazil.”

During the 2021/2022 season, 75.6% of netizens who posted on Twitter about the sport were men. In this period, 83.4% of posts about American football directly mentioned an NFL brand or one of the league’s 32 franchises.

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