The snake left the house, hid behind the curtains, and bit the grandfather in England

The snake left the house, hid behind the curtains, and bit the grandfather in England

A 61-year-old man was bitten by a pet snake. The reptile escaped from the house, invaded the old man’s greenhouse through the window and hid between the curtains. This unusual incident was reported today Tuesday (19) in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

The snake’s owner is yet to be found – Photo: Web/Breeding/ND

As stated therein Guardian, Rob Byrne was closing the greenhouse windows when he noticed a strange movement in the curtains. Soon the animal, leaning against the window, tried to wrap itself around his arm and bit him, causing him to bleed.

“She grabbed the back of my hand with one fang and the other got stuck in my polo shirt,” Byrne explained.

Fortunately, Rob’s wife and granddaughter enter the scene and scare the animal away. “I was able to fight it off and it backed off and slowly came off.”

Emergency services were called, you were treated and the 3.5 meter reticulated python was taken to the NCRW (National Center for Reptile Welfare, literally translated).

The species is not native to Europe – Photo: The Guardian/Revelation/NDThe species is not native to Europe – Photo: The Guardian/Revelation/ND

Byrne also said that a snake this big could have killed his own two-year-old granddaughter. “Someone would be completely reckless to let the snake escape. I never expected to be attacked by a large python in my own home.

The snake is native to Asia

NCRW director Chris Newman explained that it was extremely unusual for the reticulated python, which is native to South and South-East Asia, to escape in the UK.

“It is my dream that this animal escapes. They are big and can harm the baby. We deal with escaped snakes, but very rarely we deal with reticulated pythons,” he said.

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He further speculated that the snake may have escaped while its owner was distracted or someone may have deliberately released it.

“It is an adorable snake and very peaceful. I want to return the snake to its owner and understand what happened. If no one comes forward, the reptile will be rescued.

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