The series announcement refers to the Hulk . series

The series announcement refers to the Hulk . series

Jennifer Walters, a skeleton woman, finally to cinematic universe marvel. The jade giant was the first teaser From his solo series Disney + that was released yesterday during Disney + Day de 2021, and arrived with a record of a beautiful reference to the series the structure.

Preview, which shows the first glimpses of Tatiana Maslany Like the heroine, the return of Bruce Banner also brought The Hulk. The character appears alongside the protagonist the moment she pays tribute to Julius Esmeralda’s series single. Jennifer Walters talks to someone who didn’t appear in the teaser: “Don’t make me angry, you won’t like it when I get angry.”

For those who didn’t get an Easter egg, this phrase is a direct reference to what Bruce said in his classic series amazing structureFrom 1977. Does not program or Dr. David Banner He says the same line, which ended up becoming a frequent joke (or famous phrase) regarding Verdão.

Check out the comparison of the scenes below:

Many fans speculate that the joke is a form of Jennifer Walters Breaking the fourth wall, which made her so popular in the comics, speaking directly to the audience – which is why she can be referenced in the classic series. However, we will have to wait for the release skeleton woman To see if this is true.

Professor Hulk and little Jennifer Walters

according to Kevin FeigeIt should have about ten episodes and will have more comic content, which fits perfectly with the heroine’s stories in the comics. skeleton woman reach to Disney + almost.

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