The sad end of McDonald’s

The sad end of McDonald’s

McDonald’s could not resist the competition and declared bankruptcy in the country

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. With stores in the most diverse locations on the planet, they dominate the global scene when it comes to quick snacks. But not in all countries there is a branch.

The reasons are varied, as is the case in Russia for example. Since the start of tension with Ukraine, the company decided to close its operations in the country and withdrew, as the network itself explained in a press release.

McDonald’s restaurant facade – Internet reproduction images

However, there are places where McDonald’s has ceased to exist due to bankruptcy. For example, we have Jamaica. As R7 explained, it remained in the country for ten years, from 1995 to 2005, but was declared bankrupt due to its inability to compete with Burger King.

As explained by the Record Portal, a possible explanation for this is that the famous BK company produced larger hamburgers than those produced by McDonald’s, which locals consider small.

The brand's competitor left Brazil in 2020 (Image: Disclosure/McDonald's)
McDonald’s closes its stores in an important country (Photo: Disclosure/McDonald’s)

Which competitor promises to disrupt company structures?

Popeyes, the world’s second-largest chicken fast-food chain, plans to expand into Brazil through a franchise model. According to information from Estadão, the brand’s expansion strategy will focus on regions where Burger King restaurants are already present.

A large traditional company on the verge of bankruptcy (Image: Disclosure)

On the verge of bankruptcy: A giant traditional company is deep in debt and about to say goodbye

News about INSS could soon change the lives of millions of Brazilians (Photo: Internet Reproduction)

“Reported”: The wonderful news just reported by the Institute for National Security Studies will change the lives of thousands and Brazilians can be shaken

Cosmetics brand banned by Anvisa (Image: Disclosure)

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Franchisees interested in investing in the brand will receive An investment estimated at 2.5 million Brazilian riyals For the restaurant model found in food courts in shopping malls. In addition to sales at physical locations, Popeyes has a significant presence in digital channels, with more than 40% of its revenue in Brazil coming from online sales.

Popeyes arrived in Brazil in 2018, opening its first unit in a shopping center in the capital, São Paulo. Since then, it has expanded rapidly and currently has more than 70 units across the country, present in states such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Bahia, Paraná and Pernambuco. Worldwide, Popeyes already has more than 3,000 units in operation.

Popeyes.  Photo: Reproduction/Internet
Popeyes. Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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