The robot Ameca can talk and has facial expressions – News

The robot Ameca can talk and has facial expressions - News

Android Android Amica It is one of the highlights of CES 2022, considered the largest technology event in the world, which takes place in Las Vegas, United States. This week, videos of a machine talking and interacting with the audience went viral on the Internet.

“We designed the Ameca to be as human as possible on the go,” says Morgan Roe of British firm Engineered Arts.

The Ameca robot is designed to be an AI and machine learning platform that stores data in the cloud, which is why it needs to effectively interact with people. Those responsible for the project say the resemblance to humans could help the general public’s acceptance of having a device like this close to them.

Images of CES audience interacting with the device show an interest in talking to the bot and testing the skills it can explore. It seems that the closer look to the human image facilitates coexistence and favors the use of technology.

“We’ve all seen humanoid robots mixing with humans in the movies. It will happen. I’m sure it will happen. But we’re talking at least a decade, maybe two decades, before robots can walk safely and live among humans.”

Modern creativity still lacks the ability to walk despite having legs. This may be a more complex skill than playing a sound or using a camera to spot objects, but it’s not out of the way for the British company, which it is expected to work on soon.

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For now, what can be done is to use the robot in parts only, that is, in a modular way. If necessary, it is possible to interact only with the head of the machine or with one of the arms, for example.

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