The promoter defends the permissibility of vaccination to allow the public in the British GP

The promoter defends the permissibility of vaccination to allow the public in the British GP

Racing Point lost 15 points in the Builders World Cup after the FIA ​​Experience

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Britain’s Attorney General has asked the UK government to adopt a vaccination passport to allow the public to return to the race tracks in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is to get to the stands for people who have already been vaccinated, who have antibodies and who have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

The request for vaccine passports is not limited to promoters of general practitioners, such as sports such as soccer, rugby and other sporting events that have also required the local government to return the public to the events under discussion.

Last year's race happened without an audience

Last year’s race happened without an audience

Photo: Haas / Grand Prix

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Prosecutors sent a letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, and other members of Parliament to urgently discuss the matter.

The promoter of the British Grand Prix said: “Looking at June 21, we support the ambition of the government to ensure the full return of the masses, if possible without restrictions.” He continued, “If necessary, this will depend on the government’s decision as to whether it is safe to reduce or end the requirement of social distancing.”

He commented, “It is important to ascertain as soon as possible the direction that this matter will take so that we can efficiently and effectively plan with many other sporting events scheduled for the end of June.”

However, the plaintiffs were in favor of the idea of ​​a Covid passport to ensure a larger audience.

“All sports see the benefit that the certification process and Covid provide to get more fans safely back to the events as quickly as possible,” he said. “We know that our runways can only be fully filled with an assurance process,” he stressed.

He defended this, saying: “This process should ensure that everyone can access the stands and should include provisions verifying a negative Covid test or antibody test along with a vaccination certificate.”

Last year, the British Grand Prix was held without an audience. In the previous year, more than 140,000 people filled the stands, which is the largest Formula 1 audience of the year. This year’s race is scheduled for July 18.

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