The prevalence of variance associated with the United Kingdom is 90%

The prevalence of variance associated with the United Kingdom is 90%

“Fifteen days ago there were 83% of Covid-19 cases caused by the UK variant, and now it is estimated at 89, 90% as of yesterday. [segunda-feira]”, Said the coordinator of the study on the genetic variation of the new corona virus in Portugal at the Informat meeting in Lisbon.

Joao Paulo Gomez explained that surveillance in Portugal in relation to the United Kingdom variant was based on a test for a failed diagnosis of “genetic S”, which lost its strong character and allowed for continuous monitoring.

“There has been a sharp decline in the number of RT-PCR tests used for diagnoses in recent weeks and they have lost some consistency, so we are now doing this monitoring exclusively based on sorting data,” he added.

As for the Brazilian P1 variant associated with Manas, Jono Paulo Gomez, Portugal currently has 73 confirmed cases, of which 44 cases have been identified in the last 15 days.

“This variation, which has caused great concern in public health internationally,” has recorded a “significantly increasing” trend over the past two weeks, and “Portugal has not escaped this rule,” the researcher said.

This scenario is “not very different” with respect to the South African variant, in which all countries experience a “significant increase in new confirmations” of this variation.

“There are a total of 64 cases in Portugal, of which 11 cases have been identified in the last two weeks,” he told a research meeting to update the monitoring of genetic variants of the new corona virus in Portugal, which included experts, government, presidential, Republican and party representatives.

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However, he pointed out that these 64 cases were “far from being noticed” in Portugal, for example, in Germany with more than 1,000 cases, close to 1,000 in France and between 500 and 500 in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

“Naturally, this is a reflection of the opening of borders not only in Portugal, but throughout Europe, so the variations of concern that are spreading across countries began to spread more freely than anything else,” said Ricardo Jorge (INSA) Center for Infectious Diseases’ Bio Communications Center.

In a variation on Manas, Jono Paulo Gomez said that the variant was not circulating in Portugal in January and that they had “good news” in February and March because there was confirmation at the residual level based on the circulation of the variant “such a great medical concern. And epidemiology”.

“However, we have no doubt that in April, within a week, we will show complete data, which will significantly change this data,” he outlined.

Therefore, “we will no longer have the remaining circulation of the manas variant in the country, and will be more important in circulation, and this will certainly happen in the P2 variant as well. [associada ao Rio de Janeiro]”.

At a meeting to assess the epidemiological situation in the country, the researcher also revealed that six cases of the Indian variant of the Covit-19 that caused the eruption in India were discovered in Portugal last week.

In the past week, it has been estimated that about 550 of the 1,800 viruses will be deployed “within a week and a half,” the researcher said.

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Covit-19J + an epidemic killed 16,965 people in 83,688 cases of infection in Portugal, according to the most recent bulletin of the Directorate General of Health.

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