The Premier League continues to record new Govt-19 cases

The Premier League continues to record new Govt-19 cases

The new wave of Kovit-19 that has hit England has worried all the experts involved in the elite Premier League of English football. In the last five rounds, 16 matches have been postponed due to new cases being registered within the clubs. Despite security measures being taken, the number continues to rise, and delays have not been ruled out.

This Wednesday (29), Arsenal confirmed that there is another test positive for coach Michael Arteta’s disease. So, when the Gunners host Manchester City on January 1, when the 21st round of the national tournament begins, the professional can no longer command the team in the next round. Other clubs such as Manchester United and Tottenham have already gone through major explosions and need to take drastic action.

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For example, United was forced to close its training center for 48 hours and subjected the facility to a rigorous cleaning and disinfection process. At Tottenham, the team had to postpone two games in the Premier League due to lawsuits involving some key players on Antonio Conte’s list.

A meeting was held between the top management of the Premier League and the representatives of the 20 clubs competing in the tournament. The opportunity was on the agenda to suspend the competition until the number of patients decreased. Despite this, by mutual agreement, the clubs chose the order of the match, although new measures were imposed.

For games to be maintained, clubs participating in the tournament must have at least 13 players in addition to one goalkeeper. If this problem is possible, it will be enough to avoid postponing the game. Thus, the Premier League hopes to avoid new problems and try to keep the rounds complete.

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Liverpool coach Jர்கrgen Klopp has demanded that five changes be allowed to return. The German coach’s speech was reinforced by the words of Manchester City’s Pep Cardiola. However, so far the Premier League has not expressed itself in this matter and is not expected to return to the five-change rule.

Arsenal have confirmed the positive test of Michael Arteta and announced that Newcastle will experience a new explosion. The club’s players will travel to Liverpool to face Everton this Wednesday (29), but could not make the trip due to the high number of cases. In this way, the competition between the teams increased the number of matches postponed in the current round of the Premier League.

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