The Polastar 5 camouflage shows 886 horses in the UK

The Polastar 5 camouflage shows 886 horses in the UK

Polastar is rapidly expanding its portfolio and one of the products will be the stylish sedan, which is based on the concept concept and officially called Polstar 5.

The model appears at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival, the famous headquarters of Rolls-Royce Electric.

With coupe style, the Bolstar 5 should naturally attract attention not only for its camouflage and appearance, but also for having the cavalry never seen before in Volvo cars.

Pole Star 5 2

The Swedish electric sedan is rated at 886 horsepower and not less than 91.2 kph, with 800-volt power cells.

Pete Allen, Polestar UK’s head of research and development, says: “The Polestar 5 is designed to be a true 4-door GT and a true Polestar at heart.”

Allen adds: “This platform combines the features of low performance car with modern technological advances in mass production of lightweight, high rigidity sports car chassis technology.”

Pole Star 5 3

The Nordic brand claims that the Polastar 5 features a high-powered front electric motor and a dual-axle rear axle in the Tesla Model S Flight recall scheme.

Unlike this, no information has been released about the Polestar 5’s performance, but with this cavalry charge, we hope it will go from 0 to 100 km / h in at least 3 seconds.

This Polestar 5 package may refer to the “Polestar” version of the sedan and other electric cars of the brand, the latest being the stylish SUV called the Polestar 3.

Pole Star 5 4

The Volvo XC40’s sister is Polastar 2, as well as Polstar 4, which is currently hidden from the media, but the teaser has already revealed part of its shape.

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Most likely, as seen on the Polastar 2, the Polastar 5 will have both rear and all-wheel drive variants, with a dual engine added to the rear axle.

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