The PIS / Pasep allowance acquires the start date and must be paid twice

The PIS / Pasep allowance acquires the start date and must be paid twice

Postponing the salary bonus for the PIS/Pasep 2020 base year to next year, which was supposed to be paid in July, has frustrated many workers, after all, the bonus for most workers means an addition to their income.

The decision to postpone the payment of the bonus this year was taken by the Consultative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat), which includes representatives of the government, companies and workers.

PIS/Pasep Salary Allowance in 2022

With the decision to defer PIS/Pasep payment in 2022, the new calendar is already scheduled to be available and should take place in early January.

The decision to issue the calendar in January was also made by Codefat, which indicates, as published in Resolution No. 896 in Article 3, that the operational procedures for determining workers eligible for benefits will include between the months of October of this year and January. 2022.

Thus, January-December PIS/Pasep payments will be made to selected workers based on information provided by employers this year through RAIS (Annual Report on Social Information).

Regarding payments, in the case of PIS for employees of private companies, Caixa Econômica Federal will continue to pay. PASEP, intended for public servants, will continue to be reimbursed by Banco do Brasil.

Projections indicate that approximately 23 million workers may benefit in the next year from receiving PIS/Pasep.

double payment

For 2022, the government is expected to pay not only the bonus for the basic year 2020 salary, that is, to workers who worked last year, but also the bonus to workers who worked this year.

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Given that the payment system ensures that PIS/Pasep will be paid for entitlement in the following year, therefore, payments for the 2020 and 2021 allowances are expected for the next year.

According to Codefat rules, the beneficiary is guaranteed the right to the allotment for a period of five years and the receivable is deposited in the following calendar.

The PIS/Pasep payment schedule takes into account the month of birth, for private sector workers, and the final registration number for public servants.

How do you know who is entitled to?

The first step that the worker must take to determine whether he is entitled to benefit is to check the initial rules for granting the benefit, namely:

  • To have a business card for at least 5 years, i.e. to be registered with PIS;
  • Have average wages up to a minimum wage in the base year;
  • And if companies send correct worker information to RAIS.

Finally, for PIS beneficiaries to check whether they are eligible or not, the query can be done through the Caixa Trabalhador App (Android NS iOS), or the Caixa website, in the ‘Consult Payment’ option. There is also the option to call 0800.726.0207.

On the other hand, Pasep recipients, who are paid by Banco do Brasil, can call 4004-0001 (capitals and metropolitan areas), 0800.729.001 (other cities) or 0800.729.0088 (hearing impaired).

Where can I withdraw benefits?

Workers entitled to PIS can obtain the benefit directly in a Caixa account, if they are account holders at the establishment, or through the Citizen Card at Caixa ATMs, Caixa Aqui and Lotéricas Correspondents.

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Workers who do not have a Caixa card or account can go to a Caixa branch to receive benefits on the calendar date that will be issued in January. For this, they only need to provide an original identification document with a photo.

For public officials receiving PASEP, withdrawals are made directly at Banco do Brasil branches, together with an original document with a photo. Banco do Brasil account holders are paid directly into the account.

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