The pharmacy lets dogs enjoy air conditioning on a hot, hot day

The past few days have been very hot in South America, many areas have suffered from drought due to rising temperatures, in which case every organism needs to stay hydrated and in a cool place to avoid heat stroke, which is why there is a pharmacy in La Panda Turnip, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Attention to leave three shelter dogs in the place where there is an air conditioner.

According to the news published by La República on January 12, the act of solidarity was shared on Facebook, where it was praised by netizens and city residents who support the pharmacy’s decision.

Temperatures rise more than 40 degrees before noon in the province of Santiago, becoming the hottest in Argentina. Some residents choose to stay at home, others prefer to visit the swimming pools and the Dolce River.

‘They say it’s 40 degrees, but that’s nothing. It should be about 50 cents,’ said Tellam Norberto and Mercedes, townspeople who went with their 10-year-old son, Angel, to swim in the Dolce River.

Thanks to the staff of this store, the day of three stray dogs was less affected by the heat.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve shared news where animals are being housed in institutions, in the rain or in the sunlight. You can check out more here: Street dogs who have sought shelter from the storm are welcomed by the Americana Store.

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