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Despite the low attendance, the empty chairs in the “Alvaro Azuz” hall do not mean that the epidemic is under control

For the first time in almost two months, the emergency room “Alvaro Azuz” is almost empty. The number of people seeking care Thursday morning, 17, was very low compared to previous weeks, and the number of patients in hospital also decreased while they waited for a place in the hospital. Today, 31 people are waiting in bed, 19 in the ward and 12 in the intensive care unit (ICU). The last time the emergency room registered a lower request was on May 4, when the transfer of 27 patients was organized. From then on, this number began to grow exponentially and recorded several peaks, as on May 19, when there were 61 people waiting for a bed. On the 28th day, 47 patients were staged for only one ICU position in a hospital setting. Despite the low attendance, empty seats in the salon “Alvaro Azuz” does not mean that the epidemic is under control. Right now, the emergency room is starting to feel the effects of the lockdown, but it will soon also be feeling the reactions of the large number of confirmed cases per day. With a moving average of more than 200 positive diagnoses per day and a high transmission rate, the Covid Center in Franca must still experience days of stress.

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