The partnership between Azul and Gol: find out what is known about the joint flights | a job

The partnership between Azul and Gol: find out what is known about the joint flights |  a job

Azul and Gol planes – Photo: Ministry of Health/Disclosure and Celso Tavares/G1

Cooperation will take place through code sharing, when airlines share the same flight, the same service standards and sales channels.

With this, consumers will have options to purchase flight tickets on Gol's website for flights operated by Azul Aircraft, for example – and vice versa.

In practice, the customer will be able to carry out the whole process normally: choose the day and time and buy tickets on one of the airline websites. However, when you board, it may be owned by another company.

This commercial cooperation will begin at the end of June, when the offer will be available on the sales channels of both companies.

For Fernando Canuto, partner at Godke Advogados, the partnership can be seen as a strategic move that precedes a potential merger between the two companies.

“It may represent a test to evaluate the operational and commercial compatibility of companies,” highlights the expert.

Why was the partnership created?

According to the companies, The idea behind the agreement is to expand flight options for customers. Currently, Azul and Gol have about 1,500 daily takeoffs.

This procedure takes into account the actions of the two companies: Traditionally, Azul operates on more alternative routes – Those outside the main air routes, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Juul, on the other hand, focuses on these big roads.

“With Azul’s highly connected network serving most cities in Brazil and Gol’s strong presence in key Brazilian markets, our complementary offerings will provide customers with the broadest range of travel options,” says Abhi Shah, President, Azul.

“The codeshare agreement will provide customers with access to more options for travel throughout our country,” says Celso Ferrer, CEO of Gol.

According to him, the company currently offers more than 60 commercial agreements with global partners. “We look forward to expanding this benefit within Brazil as well.”

What methods will be covered?

According to the airlines, All routes operated by one company and not another will be covered On the shared code.

Companies also highlighted this The departments currently implemented by both will no longer be part of the partnership. In other words: since Gol and Azul operate the Sao Paulo/Brasilia section, for example, the route will not be part of the collaboration.

For the national areas covered, companies have enhanced this for customers They will be able to search and purchase through either company's sales channels.

Check-in must be done via digital channels or in person at the airport, On the counters of the company operating the trip – Or the first stop in the case of connecting flights, regardless of the company that sold the ticket.

The process follows the same rule as check-in: This must be done with the airline operating the flight or the first leg in the event of a connection. The baggage will be delivered to the final destination, regardless of the connection to another company.

According to the companies, rescheduling and cancellation of reservations need to be addressed With the company that sold the ticket.

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