The paper says risky companies are reevaluating whether to stay in Hong Kong

The paper says risky companies are reevaluating whether to stay in Hong Kong

According to the Wall Street Journal, the reasons will be the restrictions and fines imposed by the Chinese government on due diligence companies

Risk rating companies estimate that it is no longer beneficial to stay in Hong Kong. According to the Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal), Some foreign companies have withdrawn their employees from the Chinese city as business slows and local authorities take more restrictive measures regarding corporate intelligence.

Three companies Due diligence US and UK forces that have been present in Hong Kong for more than 10 years have already withdrawn or reduced their operations in 2023, the newspaper reported..

In 2023, China imposed a series of… Restrictions For foreign companies Due diligencewho advise clients on business risks or conduct examinations and investigations within the country.

In July, China Established a fine With a value of 1.5 million US dollars Mintz Group, one of the companies that closed its office in Hong Kong. The penalty occurred because the Chinese government stated that the company carried out this “Unauthorized statistical work”.

In addition to fining Mintz, Chinese authorities also questioned the US consulting firm’s team Payne that it Forbidden A Hong Kong-based senior executive at US risk consulting firm Kroll, to leave China.

The total number of foreign companies with regional headquarters in Hong Kong has fallen, and the number of people hired by foreign companies in the city fell by 25,000 people between 2019 and 2022, according to Chinese government figures.

“It is clear that both mainland China and Hong Kong are no longer safe companies in terms of due diligence and investigative services, due to the expansion of national security concepts throughout China.” Martin Purbrick, an analyst at… Jamestown Foundation.

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