The number of people barred from entering the UK is increasing

The number of people barred from entering the UK is increasing

Over the past three months, the number of people barred from entering the UK, including some Portuguese, has increased. Many are still unaware of the new immigration rules that came into force after the UK withdrew from the EU.

Entry restrictions have been tight in the country since January 1. EU citizens on holiday do not need a visa until they have stayed for more than 90 days. Those who come with suitcases and luggage must bring a work, student or resident status visa. Rules unknown to many.

About 3300 EU citizens have already been barred from entering the UK, according to The Guardian newspaper. Most were soon deported to the border controls of European ports or to the Eurostar terminal in Paris. The British morning says 738 people were eventually deported after arriving at British ports and airports. Some have even been placed in detention centers. There are those who stay only a few hours, but there are also days when they wait for the flight to return to their home country.

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