The new Battlefield 2042 mode will bring classic maps into the game

The new Battlefield 2042 mode will bring classic maps into the game

DICE hints at what will happen in the first panel of EA Play Live 2021

a she I started with you EA Play Live 2021 With smaller events called EA Play Live Spotlights. Starting with the first painting titled “Future of FPS”, developers Dice discuss about Battlefield 2042 and gave more Some information About New and mysterious game mode.

This new mode is developed by The former says the, which is now known as Ripple Effect Studios. According to the head of this studio, Christian Grass, the mysterious new game mode, which has not gained any details yet, will bring Some of my favorite maps Give Battlefield series by the community.

“I can’t say much about it, but what I can say is that one of the ingredients in this experiment we create is addition from some Fans’ favorite maps in Battlefield 2042. But to get the full experience you have to wait a little longer before revealing what it is,” says Christian Grass.

On الويب’s website she, the situation is described as “Trusted” He says, “A A love letter to the fans And those who have played Battlefield for a long time “and it will be just like that It was revealed on the last day of EA Play Live During the main event that will be held on the day July 22.

– Continues after announcement –

Another new game mode coming to Battlefield 2042 is “Danger area” (Danger zone in English). Not much is known about this mode, apart from the description on the website that says, “Make up your team and enter the Risk District, a whole new high stakes multiplayer experience”. Oscar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE, said the situation It’s not a battle royaleBut he said he would Create your own way.

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Danger Zone is a squad-based mode with a lot of tension. It’s not a classic battle royale, it’s a mode Real contemporary situation الوضعGabrielson says. “It’s something the team has been thinking about doing for several years. It has some special ingredients and will really showcase the superpowers of Battlefield and DICE at the same time.”

– Continues after announcement –

Oscar Gabrielson says he expects to feel the excitement and excitement about the Battlefield 2042 announcement, but has instead felt “complete pain”. This is due to several years of game development and no one can predict the reaction of the audience upon receiving the game announcement.

EA announces a series of events that will take place before EA Play Live

EA announces a series of events that will take place before EA Play Live
It will take four days for developers to discuss their games

In the coming days, before the final event EA Play Live on July 22There will be a few events with more discussions about EA’s franchises, as well as More details about Battlefield 2042 On the last day of the event. The game arrives on October 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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