The More Life, the Best Bitters The Worst Seven First TV Series Show in History · TV News

The More Life, the Best Bitters The Worst Seven First TV Series Show in History · TV News

Unpublished, The more life the better! It was the worst telenovela premiere of the seven in Globo history. The series arrived on Monday (22) and scored only 21.6 points in Greater Sao Paulo, surpassing Negative records for the summer of 90 (2019) yes Re magpie (2017), both scored 23.6.

According to data from Kantar Ibope Media and a survey conducted by the news, the first chapter of the series written by Mauro Wilson aired from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM and had a rating of 33.7% (share) with 64% (total TV tuned on schedule).

21.6 points The higher the life, the better! It was worse than its predecessor’s on-time debut, the re-Pega Pega, which scored 23.6 in July 19 this year; Summer of 90, an unreleased plot that featured the same 23.6 in Chapter One, shown on January 29, 2019.

Monday was a messy day in terms of ibope for Globo. With an episode of the Little Ax series on racismThe hot screen also strained The worst commotion in history: 9.9 points. The film’s nightly track aired from 23:31 to 12:36, right after Verdades Secretas, an eleventh-day telenovela that scored 16 points.

Journal Huge and telenovela Nos Tempos do Imperador at 6 p.m. recorded the lowest viewership ratings on Monday: 9.7 and 15.1, respectively. On air at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, O Clone remains low with the crowd and only beats 11.9.

I’m on the record, Hora da Venenosa beat competitors. Balanço Geral’s rumor board (on air from 2:57 p.m. to 3:20 p.m.) reached 10.1 points to 7.6 on Globo and 3.6 on SBT.

The final chapter of Genesis (2021) is a far cry from breaking its own record. The result of the biblical series scored 14.2 points, well below the 17.4 recorded on January 27 this year. Canadian series Quem Chama o Coração, at least, stopped again and scored 9.4 points, to be the second best in Ibope’s plot.

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See below the hearings on Monday, November 22, in greater São Paulo:

Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 12.5
Good morning Sao Paulo 8,2
Good morning Brazil 7,6
More than you 5,7
An interview with Fatima Bernards 6,2
SP1 9,3
Globe Sports 9,2
today’s newspaper 9,7
Afternoon session: A Journey to the Center of the Earth 8.5
o clone 11,9
work out 13,1
In the time of the emperor 15,1
SP2 19,2
The more life the better 21.7
National newspaper 25,1
place in the sun 23,3
Secret facts 16,0
Hot Screen: Education 9,9
Globo newspaper 6,8
Conversation with Biel 4,6
Owl Status: Me, Grandma and Bull 4,4
The Owl: Evidence of Courage 3,5
1 o’clock 4,5
Average day (7 hours / 0 hours): 7.2
General morning balance (average 5 hours to 8 hours and 29) 2,3
SP Balance Sheet (7h-8h29) 3,5
speak brazil 3,9
Nowadays 3,8
JR 24 hours (AM) 3,8
general balance 7,9
proof of love 6,9
24 hours (afternoon 1) 5,1
City alert 6,9
24 hours (afternoon 2) 5,3
log magazine 10.4
origin 14,2
When the heart calls 9,4
farm 13 9,5
JR 24 Hours (Dawn) 4,9
between lines 1,8
religious 0,9

Source: Announcers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in the major SP

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