The Marvels movie debuts with a troubling note on Rotten Tomatoes

The Marvels movie debuts with a troubling note on Rotten Tomatoes
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On the eve of Brie Larson’s return as Captain Marvel to Brazilian cinemas, dozens of songs from critics around the world have finally been released. As usual, the site Rotten tomatoes He collects the main opinions of the press and the result is not good this time. According to the site’s consensus, Wonders It’s nothing more than an average movie.

In total 73 comments collectedNia DaCosta’s film received an approval rating of only 55% of reviews. on 40 critics recommend The first film from Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau in theaters, hailing the stylish direction for the promise of horror cinema, the charisma of the characters and the humor of the story.

Marvels only collected 55% on Rotten Tomatoes (Credit: Reproduction)

The main complaints about the project are the insistence on relying on the classic “Marvel formula”, which ends up limiting the creativity of the plot, with a blatant “identity crisis”. Find out some opinions about the movie:

“Marvels, for better or worse, embodies Marvel’s current identity crisis. There’s a rare gem of a truly groundbreaking film hidden within it…but when Marvels needs to add more muscle to the MCU, the plot pieces start to fall apart.” says Huai Tan Bui, from inverse.

“While Marvel was busy bombarding us with a wave of endlessly exhausting content, DaCosta’s film gives us the exact thing that made the franchise successful in the first place – heroes that make you want to root for them.” Announces Clarice Loughrey, of independent.

“The most chaotic Marvel movie” Matt Singer says who Screen crushing.

“DaCosta’s kinetic direction and intimate storytelling style allow audiences to see this trio — whose lives collide in unexpected ways — from exciting new perspectives.” Lovia Jjarki says who Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s a refreshingly light banter buried here, begging to be unleashed under the pressure of being a huge event film,” Lee Munson thought of AV Club.

“In a world that often seems choked by the amount of story, dense plots, and the need to know the characters to enjoy these films, DaCosta finds a way to handle it all in one of the most enjoyable Marvel films in years.” Defends Ross Bonaimi from Collider.

Wonders For the first time in November 9 In Brazilian cinemas.

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