The man ordered an iPhone 13 and received a box of chocolates

The man ordered an iPhone 13 and received a box of chocolates

We have already written here about the many extraordinary situations that take place in the world of technology. Even yesterday we did a survey and revealed 10 situations that we considered the most absurd of 2021. But that year is not over yet, and today we bring you another strange story.

The case of a person ordering an iPhone 13 on the internet took place in the UK, but, instead of Apple’s new smartphone, he got the Cadbury chocolates.

The man orders the iPhone 13 and gets the chocolates

Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, people primarily chose to shop through digital sites. So, online ordering has become the solution for many consumers, which has been dragged down to this day, apparently there is more movement now due to the Christmas season. It is a simple and quick procedure that allows people to be comfortable in their homes, avoiding long lines and being close to others, during disputes.

However, not all was well for Daniel Carroll. A person living in the UK has ordered a copy of Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro Max online. But instead of Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone, Daniel unwrapped the package and was shocked to find two Cadbury chocolate tablets.

As we can see from the pictures that the person shared on his Twitter social networking account, two Cadbury Oreo white chocolates came to his address. However, after a while the tweet was deleted and we could not even find his account, itDaniel_James 201.

Carol said the order arrived 2 weeks late and, in addition, when she received the package, she felt the seal was distorted. It also stated that the chocolate tablets were wrapped in toilet paper.

In a tweet, Daniel mentioned the HDHLParcelUK delivery network, which did not respond to the customer:

That person would have paid $ 1,045 for an iPhone 13, but it seems that even delicious chocolates could not alleviate his frustration.

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