The Jerusalem incident increases religious tensions in the Holy City – Jovem Ban

The Jerusalem incident increases religious tensions in the Holy City – Jovem Ban

Children engaged in acts of religious intolerance and also spat on the ground

One incident happened in Jerusalem The anger aroused and increased Religious tensions Among the three Abrahamic religions Holy city. A video was released this Wednesday, 4, showing Ultra Orthodox Jewsholding palm fronds for the Jewish Sukkot ritual, spits on the ground near a procession Christian. The scene, captured by a Haaretz reporter, shows a group of foreigners beginning their pilgrimage through the Old City, an area that also houses the world’s holiest site. Judaismthe third most important sanctuary in Islam And important Christian sites. The authorities arrested one person in this incident, and four other suspects were arrested on charges of spitting in churches. One of the detainees was charged with assault and the other four with unlawful disorderly conduct. The police spokesman did not reveal their identities, except to say that one of them was a minor. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin NetanyahuHe condemned the position of Christians, most of them PalestiniansHe linked the increase in acts of vandalism and attacks against Christians to the far-right government of Netanyahu.

These incidents raised concerns about growing religious intolerance in the country IsraelThis appears to violate the state’s stated commitment to it Freedom of worship And protecting holy places. Israel took control Jerusalem Eastern Province in 1967 and later annexed it, a move that did not receive international recognition. About 15,000 Christians currently live in Jerusalem, most of whom are Palestinians who consider themselves living under occupation.

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