The Indian has had his right arm raised for 45 years; he is a monk

Posted: 07/12/2021 11:14 AM / Updated on 07/12/2021 11:15 AM

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Amar Bharati has raised his right arm for more than 45 years, and says he won’t be lowered anytime soon. He is a “monk”, in India which means he has a very strong religious belief, and he communicates with the gods through some sacrifices. Sadhus are a type of Hindu saint.

He decided to give up life in 1973, when he was working as a banker in India. He was married, had three children, and lived a modest life. Until, suddenly, he decided to give up everything to devote his whole life to Shiva, a Hindu deity. Sadhus renounces clothing and “worldly pleasures” to live an ascetic life in the name of faith.

To truly serve his religious beliefs, he had an idea: He would raise his arm and keep it that way for the rest of his life. Sadhus are able to withstand terrible adversities, others stay years with one leg bent to serve their beliefs.

About two years after getting up, the pain began to subside and he soon lost any sensation in his right arm which had atrophied. “I’m not asking for much. Why do we fight each other, why is there so much hatred and enmity between us? I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace,” he said. UNILAD.

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