A woman finds an unusual “surprise” inside the car, she has great fear and the video of the moment spreads; Watch!

Breakout, my father! A new and funny video has taken over social media in recent days, and of course we couldn’t help but share the joke! Kkk in pictures, which already has more than 4.8 million views on Twitter And recorded by a security camera, a woman found an unusual surprise when she was carrying her car for a walk – A Bear, sitting in the front seat. helps!

Despite its shortness, the record shows exactly the moment when the girl realizes what is happening. As I approached the car, which was identified as a Lexus SUV, I noticed the animal – which appears to be a puppy – enjoying the comfort of her car.

Realizing the danger she was in, the stranger, who was visibly carrying a heavy lunch basket, threw everything and ran, with loud cries, toward her house. But the funniest part of this story is the young woman’s reaction: instead of backing away the moment she sees the animal, she approaches the car (screams), tries to close the door and runs away only when the bear tries to escape! Kkkk we laugh respectfully ok?

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The noise, though surprising the animal, did not seem to frighten him. As we hear the girl’s desperate screams, the bear exits the car, moving with great ease, watching the owner of the Lexus, before approaching the abandoned basket to inspect the contents of the container. just spy:

Bobby Bear, you guys just wanted a ride and a snack! ha ha ha

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