The Houthis have reported 3 US and UK airstrikes on the port

The Houthis have reported 3 US and UK airstrikes on the port

The attack was reportedly carried out in Ras Isa port

Al-Masira news channel, linked to the Yemeni Houthi rebel group, said this Monday (11) that the port of Ras Isa was the target of three airstrikes, defining the operation as a “US-British occupation”.

The information was published by British newspaper The Guardian, which noted that it could not independently verify the information.

On Monday, an explosion was heard near a ship off Yemen's Red Sea coast, British maritime security agency Ughmto said. According to the agency, the ship and crew emerged unharmed.

Southwest of the Yemeni port of Salib, the ship “reported the sound of an explosion near it,” according to Ukhmto.

Members of a US-led coalition established in December to protect shipping amid attacks by the Houthi rebel group are investigating the episode.

“Vessels are advised to proceed with caution and report any suspicious activity,” the agency said. British maritime defense firm Ambre said it was aware of only one missile-related incident west of the port city of Hodeidah.

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