The European Parliament and the Council are seeking to agree later this month on the seizure of 5,000 Egyptian pounds after Britain leaves the European Union – Economy الاتحاد

The European Parliament and the Council are seeking to agree later this month on the seizure of 5,000 Egyptian pounds after Britain leaves the European Union - Economy الاتحاد

About a month after the member states (Council) approved their negotiating position and delegated the Portuguese presidency to conduct negotiations with Parliament, the Council adopted it in Strasbourg, in a vote held on Tuesday, the results of which are published today. The mandate of the negotiations, which is scheduled to begin today, with the aim of reaching a compromise by the end of next week.

Among the main points in the negotiating mandate now adopted in relation to this fund aimed at helping EU countries combat the negative consequences of the UK’s withdrawal, Parliament advocates providing four billion euros in advance funding in two equal installments, in 2021 and 2022, with Pay the remaining billion euros in 2025.

The European Parliament asserts that the eligibility period must include costs incurred between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2023 in preparation for the expected negative effects of Brexit.

MEPs also want a way to allocate support based on three factors: the importance of trade with the UK, the importance of fishing in the UK’s exclusive economic zone, and the population living in the UK’s maritime areas.

The council also advocates that small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed should enjoy privileges, as well as job creation and reintegration of European citizens returning from the UK as a result of Brexit, bearing in mind that the financial and banking sectors should also be. excluded from this support.

Last April 29, the Council had already adopted its position, arguing that the adjustment reserve should focus on the regions, regions and sectors most affected in the European Union and be used to finance a variety of measures, such as compensating companies for lost trade, maintenance work […] Employment and creation of customs controls in ports.

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In line with the policy of promoting cohesion across the European Union, the Council considers that the method of calculating the subsidy to be provided by country should take into account the disproportionate impact of ‘Brexit’ in different regions and sectors, advocating as weighting factors for the value of the fish being taken. Its catch in the UK’s exclusive economic zone, the importance of trade with the UK and the inhabitants of the UK’s maritime border areas.

Portugal expects an agreement before the summer holidays so that the first payment can be disbursed before the end of the year.

The €5 billion fund was agreed last year by EU leaders as part of the 2021-2027 budget.

In the first batch, which will be distributed this year, Portugal should receive at least 58.3 million euros, according to the European Commission’s proposal. Ireland and the Netherlands are expected to be the main beneficiaries.

A post-Brexit agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom allows the two parties to continue to negotiate without quotas or tariffs after the country leaves the EU bloc, but such a protocol does not avoid costs and new bureaucracy for European companies doing business with London.

After the Portuguese presidency has already assumed the intention to “close” an agreement with the Assembly during the semester that ends at the end of this month, the European Parliament also indicates that negotiations with the Council will begin today, in an attempt to have a political commitment reached by June 17 “so that funds can be made available.” Quickly”.

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