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Pandemia e antipolítica

It wasn’t just the markets that had irrational reactions to the news Micron variable appearance from covid-19. Governments have also done poorly and continue to do poorly in attacking the problem – and here we’re not even talking about President Jair Bolsonaro’s brutal denial.

The greatest irrationality remains the lack of interest of the governments of developed countries in the population of the poorest countries, which do not have the necessary resources to ensure vaccination. And that’s not enough Donate vaccines, as some governments have begun to do.. It is necessary to ensure the infrastructure and logistics for its management. The largest in the world continues to gather in p -7 or not G 20But they have not yet been able to define a common policy to attack the virus in any of its waves.

to work for Immunization of a poor country It is not a charity policy. It is a policy of self-interest. As long as one country remains without assistance, the entire world will remain without assistance because the virus knows no borders and spreads from epidemics that enable it to spread. The biggest focal points of this kind are countries that are not immunized or that are lagging behind in vaccination.

It is hypocritical to judge these countries with restrictions of all kinds and, at the same time, not take steps to eradicate the virus wherever it is found. What is the point of promoting vaccinations for those who have already been vaccinated without adopting a global anti-virus policy?

It is also illogical, for example, Banning flights from some African countries only When micron variable I already took More developed centers such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Portugal Which already has dozens of confirmed cases, according to data from the Gisaid platform, an international initiative that has an open database of genomic data on the coronavirus.

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As of this Wednesday, the variant has been found in more than 20 countries. Each case that is discovered assumes that there are more cases – who knows how many – that are not detected. At this speed, all countries will have their cases quickly. Is it necessary, then, to cut off flights around the world? If everyone had already been vaccinated, there would be no room for the spread of the coronavirus or its mutations.

The first information about the Micron strain was not even ten days old. Aside from the fact that it has multiple mutations in the S protein, little is known about its behavior and level of virulence. The World Health Organization (WHO) Warn that the risk of variant spreading is ‘extremely high’.

As long as this lack of knowledge prevails, the best antidote is to ramp up vaccination, use of masks, known hygiene protocols, and discourage crowding.

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