The Embassy of England is visiting a bilingual school in Blumeno

The Embassy of England is visiting a bilingual school in Blumeno

During a visit to the city of Blumenov last Friday afternoon, the 3rd, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of America, Michael Delaney, had the opportunity to visit one of the new schools in 2020, with an expansion of bilingual education. The selected institution is the Patricia Helena Finardi Begorim Municipal Bilingual Elementary School in the vicinity of Fortaleza.

Michael Delaney participated in the beginning of the process of bilingual education at Blumeno, and as much as possible, participates in moments of interaction with 1st and 2nd grades at EBM Bilingual Patricia Helena Finardi Begorim. Parallel classes in Portuguese and English.

Upon arrival, at the start of the conversation, the students asked the messenger to speak to them in English, proving how much they already know and understand the language. The conversation was about being a speechwriter and the importance of learning a second language. On the show, Michael Delaney delights in the growth of students, even in times of epidemic, who showed a good knowledge of the English language when interacting with distant classes.

In return for the glorious visit, students commented on how fun and good it was to learn the English language and presented the console with a small gift: a keering prepared by them with short sentences in English. Delaney gifted the company and the manager, Evaldo de Oliveira, presented bilingual books that are part of the school library’s collection. “The school community is very participatory and they are proud that their children received a bilingual education at school,” Evaldo said.

After visiting the classes, the embassy spoke with Maria Louisa de Oliveira, director of elementary education, and the bilingual committee of the municipal education department. As a first step, the embassy invited you to participate in the III International Forum for Bilingual Education, to be held in October this year, organized by the University of Cambridge.

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