The dog who lost his owner attends the cemetery and condolences units for grieving families

In 2018, the owner of the puppy named Bobby passed away, and the man was buried in the Roca Municipal Public Cemetery, in Rio Negro, Argentina and the entire party accompanied the dog and since then has not left there.

Dogs’ loyalty is so endless that it extends to their owners’ deathbeds. And Bobby proved that as much as his mentor was not physically present, he is alive in his heart.

Little Fur has been living in the cemetery for three years, under the care of Daniel Cisterna, the gravedigger on the afternoon shift, accompanying him in all his activities.

“Three years ago its owner died and since then he has never left the cemetery. He stayed because his master is buried here,” Daniel said. black river.

The pup loves the guy, just hear the sound of his motorbike running to the gate to welcome him, spend the day helping him, and at the end of the day take him to the exit to say goodbye. lovable!

Daniel worked there for 16 years, and since he met Bobby, he has found a friend who helps him with his daily tasks. Among the roles, Bobby excelled in helping at funerals.

During the period of the party, about 45 minutes, the puppy was lying next to the family, motionless, just watching, I think was the way he found to calm the sad hearts of the family members crying there.

“He seems to understand their pain,” Daniel said.

The little dog arrived at the cemetery with the chair, and after the teacher’s funeral, he stayed there. Days passed and the family members went to look for him, but the chief decided that this place was his new home.

“The puppy was still on the owner’s grave, and he didn’t want to go. They carried him in a truck, but he left and went back to his master’s grave. He doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay with the owner,” said the gravedigger.

In addition to Daniel, Fur also has a “godmother” named Adriana Carrasc, an animal protector who met him when he went to visit his mother’s grave. Feed him weekly and take him to the vet when needed, in addition to neutering him.

Many, learning his story, wonder why they could not find a real home for Bobby, but Adriana answers:

“Here is his home, there is no shortage of affection, food or veterinary attention. He is here,” he asserted

sweetheart! The devotion that Bobby showed to the deceased teacher is passionate, and we can only hope that he is very happy with the people he chose as family.

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