The dirtiest place in the kitchen is another place (which is nearby).

The dirtiest place in the kitchen is another place (which is nearby).

If someone asks you what The dirtiest place is in the kitchenWhat do you answer? The first thing that comes to people’s minds undoubtedly is the kitchen sink. However, recent studies show that this assumption is not 100% correct.

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Studies conducted at North Carolina State University and Rutgers University, both in the US, revealed something surprising. There is no dirtiest place in the kitchen in the dishwasher, yet utensils and kitchen scraps can accumulate in it. foods.

According to the data released, the spice rack is the thing that accumulates the most dirt in the kitchen. If you have a place to store your spices, it’s probably the dirtiest thing in the kitchen, according to academic analyzes on the subject.

Why is this the dirtiest place in the kitchen anyway?

Scientists listened to 371 volunteers in order to understand and discover where the dirtiest place in the kitchen is. Each person had to make a turkey pot pie recipe that was intentionally tainted. Among the ingredients were easily traceable bacteria that are harmless to humans. The name of the microorganism is MS2. In fact, the recipe also called for a salad.

After completing the preparation, the researchers analyzed the kitchen used in its smallest detail. The goal was to find the places with the most amount of bacteria MS2.

While most surfaces had no more than 20% contamination with the analyzed agent, all of the spice jars used in the process had 48% contamination. That is, approximately 50% of them were taken by the bacteria present in the sample.

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The study was published in the Journal of Food Protection. The reason for this high level of contamination lies in the fact that spice holders are used all the time, at the beginning, during and at the end of the preparation process. However, people rarely wash these utensils every time they are used. Scary isn’t it!

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