The day of the struggle for Saúde Caixa is Tuesday the 17th; Delay point and white sight

The day of the struggle for Saúde Caixa is Tuesday the 17th;  Delay point and white sight

In the midst of negotiations to renew the Saúde Caixa Additional Agreement, workers are carrying out another major mobilization: next Tuesday, October 17, will be the National Day of Struggle in defense of the workers’ health plan. The union movement requires employees to wear white (the color that symbolizes health) and to be late for 6 minutes and 30 seconds, as a form of protest against the 6.5% of salaries as a cap on the bank’s participation in financing the plan, a condition in law since 2017.

“It is very important that we are all united and mobilized, to participate in the National Day of Struggle, to defend our health plan, which is a historic achievement for Caixa employees. Share and chat with colleagues. Only together will we be able to defend Saúde Caixa,” calls on leader Luisa Hansen, director of the Union Bank workers in São Paulo, Osasco and the region.

“We invite all CEF employees from our base to participate in the National Day of Struggle next Tuesday. Wear white and be 6 and a half minutes late. “United, we will defend Saúde Caixa!”, adds Chico Puglisi, Executive Director of the Federation and member of CEE Caixa (Staff Executive Committee). ).

Wear white and send the photo

The union asks employees to send photos of themselves wearing white uniforms to the entity. Photos must be sent to the Customer Service Center’s WhatsApp.

In addition to the street activities, a tweet will be posted between 11am and 12pm, where workers are also asked to use the hashtag #We WantSaúdeCaixa, as well as tag the bank (@Caixa) in each post.

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Renewal of ACT Saúde Caixa

The amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (ACT) for Caixa employees with respect to Saúde Caixa is effective until the end of 2023. Negotiations on the renewal of the ACT began in June.

In addition to the end of the 6.5% cap, employees are demanding that the shared share ratio be maintained at 70/30 (70% for Caixa and 30% for employees); The permanence of the principles of solidarity and the Generations Charter; Caixa Saúde for everyone; Improving and expanding the approved network.

But the main obstacle in the negotiations is Caixa’s insistence on maintaining the 6.5% ceiling on salaries to reduce Saúde Caixa’s percentage of funding.

Moreover, the Bank highlights the charging of fees by age group as a “solution” to the sustainability of the plan, which would explode two of the three basic principles of Saúde Caixa: Solidarity and the Intergenerational Pact. The model advocated by employees is to keep Saúde Caixa funded with 70% paid by the bank and 30% by users, which would not be possible while maintaining the 6.5% cap, since the increase in the health care costs plan is higher than in the Caixa salary growth plan. . In 2022, according to information provided by Caixa, the difference was covered by the reserve fund.

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