The court asks the UK to record revenue inputs and outflows

The Lisbon Court of Justice sent a vicious letter to the UK authorities on the 4th of that month, TVI Had access and requested urgent information about the registration of all inputs and exits of Jono Rendiro in that country.

The accused, who was in the UK from September 12 to 30 and, meanwhile, escaped from Portuguese justice, intends to return to “the last 12 months, date and place (foreign territories) specified place and destination”.

As TVI has already announced, Rentiro left the UK without leaving any trace of his target – on a private plane, on a private jet, unrecognizable.

ANAC was invited to comb through passenger lists

The National Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has been asked by the court to immediately investigate and report to the court on all flights made by Jono Rendro in the last 60 days, from commercial airports and civil aerodrome. In a letter of access to TVI, the court asked ANAC to collect data “from the list of passengers of airlines operating on Portuguese and private flights”.

At the end of last Friday afternoon, GNR soldiers went to the home of Jono Rendro, a luxury condominium in Alkabitz, Casco, but only identified his wife and a security / door guard at the scene, according to a document.

Jono Rendro’s wife replied that she was her husband “Not found” At home, he confirmed he had left the country two weeks ago, “Could not specify date”, And the reason for the trip, without a return date, “It could be for health reasons”.

Such as overseas travel TVI Advanced, it will be “To London”Not the UK, “No other details provided”.

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However, although Jono did not provide information about Rendro’s whereabouts, the woman confirmed it “Communicates from time to time over the phone” With husband.

During the process of executing the arrest warrant, Alkapitech’s GNR spoke with the security of the private condominium, confirming that he had not seen the Jono tenant for about two weeks. “It was always with a driver”.

On September 28, the former leader of the PPP He was sentenced to three years and six months in prison In the case of competent fraud offenses.

In May of this year, the court Randiro was sentenced to 10 years in prison For crimes such as tax fraud, breach of trust and money laundering, document falsification and computer forgery were extracted from the first mega process.

In July 2020, in another process related to PPP, there was Rentiro Imprisonment for five years and eight months.

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