The couple were surprised to find a fox hiding in the washing machine

Natasha Praiach, who lives in Stretham, London, England, was surprised by a rather unusual visit: a fox. The young woman did not miss the opportunity to record the moment and share it on her Twitter, last Tuesday, 25.

Few like a surprise visit and young Natasha received a visit that broke into her home. The young woman traveled with her boyfriend Adam to visit her husband’s family. On the way back, unpacking their bags from the car, the light fox took advantage of the open door to enter the house.

The couple did not notice the presence of the kitten, that was when they turned into the aisle and saw the animal’s silhouette. The pet, caught risky, went to the kitchen.

“The initial reaction was shock and anxiety, which turned into curiosity,” Natasha said. Metro.

The couple went without delay to the room in search of the kitten.

“Adam looked behind the kitchen curtains that hit the floor, and even in the cupboard – the fox was gone.”

It didn’t take long to find the fugitive, the fox hid in the washer drum. Very suitable place, right, smart !? The small, dark space gave the creature a sense of security.

There were few attempts to get it out. What convinced her to leave was a bowl of food that the couple had placed on the balcony in front of them. The moment he sniffed it, the furry dog ​​ran towards the food and as soon as he left the couple closed the door. At the same time the fox fled across the courtyard railing.

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The spouses did not care about the presence of the intruder.

“Foxes can be seen as a nuisance, but like any other creature, they simply try to ensure they survive.”

Natasha’s post on Twitter received the following caption:

“Honestly, guys. I have a fox stuck in the washing machine.”

The post got 273,000 reactions, 24,000 retweets and 2,500 comments from netizens, who found the situation comical and reported a similar situation. Check out some user pics:




Have you received unusual visits to your home? Leave it in the comments, we would like to know.

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