Understand why high-speed winds cause commercial airliners to fly at speeds 50% faster than standard | world

Understand why high-speed winds cause commercial airliners to fly at speeds 50% faster than standard |  world

Qantas plane at an altitude of about 11 kilometers – Image: Sergey Kostov/via Wikipedia

Exceptionally strong wind currents in recent days have caused commercial aircraft flying over the Atlantic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere to reach speeds greater than the speed of sound, according to American press reports.

A Virgin Atlantic plane took off from Washington, D.C., in the United States of America, to London in the United Kingdom, flying at a speed of approximately 1,300 kilometers per hour. According to information published in US Vehicles attributed to FlightAware tracking software, The plane arrived 45 minutes before scheduled time.

According to National Public Radio (NPR), two other flights recorded higher speeds of about 1,350 kilometers per hour.

It's faster than sound, but because the wind was also very fast, the plane didn't break the sound barrier.

But what is normal speed?

According to the Brazilian Airlines Association, the plane generally reaches maximum speed at an altitude of between 9.1 km and 12.4 km. When an airplane reaches these altitudes, it is said to be in “cruise.” Because it is an area of ​​the atmosphere with less dense air, planes can fly faster. In general, the cruise speed reaches about 850 km/h.

The Atlantic Current extends from west to east in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a fast current, and many flights use the wind flow to travel to save aircraft fuel.

In general, wind speeds are around 117 km/h, but it is common for them to become faster in winter.

“At an altitude of 10.5 kilometers, the wind speed reached 426 kilometers per hour! For those traveling towards the east, there will be huge tailwinds,” the service said on the social networking site

The wind current becomes stronger if there is a large temperature difference. According to the Washington Post, the weather on Saturday was very cold in the northeastern region of the United States and warmer in the southeast of the country.

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