The Continental chain has been banned from recreating the hotel from the John Wick movie

The Continental chain has been banned from recreating the hotel from the John Wick movie

Although The Continental series focuses on the hotel featured in the John Wick films, you may have noticed that the legendary location is not the same. Well, it’s because the New York Cocoa Exchange plays the continent in the movies, but the one in the series was filmed in Budapest. But what is the reason for the change?

It turned out that the series did not rent the place and requested that the place be redeveloped in an area with scenic views, but the owners of the series did not like that and did not allow it. Executive producer Albert Hughes explains:

“We knew we would have to rebuild the set because we didn’t want to shoot in New York. But they didn’t even give us the right to replicate the look of the building. The landlords wouldn’t allow it because the series wouldn’t pay the rent. So my production designer said this was an opportunity: ’70s and Cormac is in charge now, so let’s change the design a little bit. It ended up being a great creative opportunity for us. In the first movie, Sharon welcomes Keanu and notices that there’s a change in appearance.

Read more about The Continental:

Continental: From the world of John Wick We will explore the origins of the Assassins Hotel, which increasingly becomes the center of the universe John Wick. Everything will be told through the eyes and actions of young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell), who was dragged to New York in 1975 to confront the past he thought he had left behind.

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In addition to Woodell, we will also see Mel Gibson like cormac, Ayomide Adigun As young Sharon (played by Lance Reddick in the movies), Ben Robson Like Frankie, and Peter Green Like Uncle Charlie.

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