Vitor Kley cries like Cazuza in Domingão and turns Sergio Molandro into a mockery of the web TV News

Vitor Kley cries like Cazuza in Domingão and turns Sergio Molandro into a mockery of the web TV News

Victor Kelly opened a file famous show Act Sunday Hack The tradition of Kazuza (1958-1990). The singer was so emotional that he could hardly comment on his performance on Sunday’s Allure (14). “Cazuza is very strong. Cazuza brings me something we have to believe in,” said the singer, who also claimed to have felt the “presence” of the dead idol.

Yet, despite the jury’s weeping and praise, On social networks many will compare Characterization of Clay as the appearance of the presenter and comedian Sergio Malandro. In fact, the costume for the “boy” version of Cazuza did not resemble the image most people have of the musician.

The translator sang “Brazil” in his homage to Kazuza. In a stifled voice, he said that he felt the presence of the idol. “Checking the sound, I’ve never felt like this. Something happened that gave me goosebumps. Like now, it gives me goosebumps even here.” [gesto no pescoço]. Sorry I can’t control the feelings,” Kelly said as he sobbed.

The tongue-tied and carioca dialect made by the singer during the tribute was highlighted in a speech by Lieutenant Colonel Luciano Hack, as well as In jury evaluations. Britta Gill gave a score of 10. Claudia Raya noted that Claudie succeeded in bringing Kazuza’s energy to the stage and made a praise-filled comment.

The actress also gave her a 10 and to everyone’s astonishment, Bonigno gave her a 10. He is considered the “executioner” of the jury.

“Look at the problem, I’m a friend of Cazuza. Cazuza is such an amazing number. What I’m going to tell you is that I enjoy being one of the few guys who takes so much risk out of the three combos out there, you’re playing. Good to see,” he declared. Manager Big Brother Brazil.

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Huck even ran to the judges’ bench to hug Ponneho, who played the joke on stage and said he was “no longer there today,” 10th grader, he wanted to say. While the animation was loose on the show, online cuteness fans were also ruthless and noted that the competitor’s characterization is a lot like Sergio Malandro.

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