The conservative Catholic organization Opus Dei loses its independence with the Pope’s reforms. Understanding – Brazil

a Pope Francis I decided to reform the powerful Catholic organization Opus Day, known in Europe and Latin America for conservative attitudes. Under the title Advertising charismaThe papal document robs the organization of its authority and independence within the church, according to religious experts heard by the agency France Press agency.

“Some have interpreted the provisions of the Holy See in terms of ‘demotion’ or ‘loss of power.’ Sánchez, Opus Dei Press Office, in a statement to France Press agency. The Argentine pope, who since taking office in 2013 has committed to reforming the Roman Curia, the central administration of the Vatican, which has eroded after a series of scandals.

The Opus Day It was raised in 1982 by Pope John Paul II, now a saint, to the personal bishop class, the only one of his kind to have this privilege. This privilege guarantees the organization – which is present in more than 60 countries, including Brazil – the equivalent of a diocese. The organization has about 90,000 lay members, including businessmen and other influential figures, and 2,000 priests. It was founded in 1928 by Reverend Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, who died at the age of 73 in 1975, and was canonized in 2002 by John Paul II.

Francis He decided that Opus would report annually to the Clergy on its internal work and the development of its apostolic work. According to some interpretations of the new text, which became effective on Thursday, the fourth, the leader of Opus Dei is no longer equivalent to a bishop and cannot wear episcopal clothing. / France Press agency

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