Kangaroo thanks for shaking hands with man after being rescued from glacial lake

On the morning of the 21st, a kangaroo bitterly regretted entering the icy waters of a lake in Australia. It was lucky for him, he was able to save two people who were nearby.

This action was documented by David Boyd, who contacted the authorities in Canberra, the country’s capital, to report the frightened animal.

The video David posted on Facebook shows two men slowly approaching a kangaroo. According to the site UK metroThe men approached the animal with their arms outstretched so as not to frighten it.

However, the kitten didn’t feel too close to humans, turned its head in fear and continued steadily in the frozen Burleigh Griffin Lake. When the first man approached, the kangaroo pushed him away and kicked the water away.

Then the second man tried to help him and get him to a safe place on the trail, again to no avail.

While the scene moved many locals, a third person tried to calm the animal and finally managed to get the marsupial out of there.

After the kangaroo realized that they were just trying to save him, he reached out to a lifeguard as a way of being thankful for the effort.

David wrote on his social media, “This was my morning, alone in Canberra, congratulations to these people. Good news, kangaroo is OK.”

Of course, a kangaroo found inside a frozen lake could only be an Australian thing. And you, will you help the kitten or will you call the authorities?

Watch the video:

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