The central bank’s website is down due to system overload that “chases” forgotten money in banks

The central bank's website is down due to system overload that "chases" forgotten money in banks

The official website of the Central Bank of Brazil has stopped, Monday night (24). The cause of the problem after launching the service may be that Residents are allowed to check whether they have money received from banking institutions.

The tool registered wide demand, once it was published by the monetary institution; To get the necessary information about receivables, it is necessary to navigate through various subpages of BC on the Internet.

Access overload may have caused a problem in BC systems.

a report Infomoney I found that around 9:30 PM the BC portal was not loading and the page contained a warning that it could not be accessed. Other media reported the problem earlier, at 21:00.

The monetary institution was contacted, through its press office, to explain the problem with its digital systems, but did not respond until this publication came out.

BC reported on Monday that there are about R$8 billion in possession of financial institutions that need to be returned to individuals or legal entities. The Values ​​Receivable feature was launched on Monday and Not registered (BC system).

In the first phase of functional operations, BC estimates that approximately 3.9 billion R$ of amounts have been withheld as a result of the following cases:

  1. Current or closed savings accounts with an available balance;
  2. incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, provided that the return is provided within the commitment period signed by the bank with the BC;
  3. equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions; And
  4. Unsolicited calls related to closed consortium groups.
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“In some cases, the balances receivable may be of small value, but it belongs to citizens who now have a simple and agile way of receiving these amounts,” the note states, BC.

How do you use this tool?

Interested parties need to access the page “My financial life”, on the BC website and then click Amounts due (A subsection of the page).

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Click on the last item labeled See the receivables report.. Then press “Start Consultation” with CPF Number (Individual) or CNPJ Number (Legal Entity).

then press “Start Consultation“And enter your CPF number. After the digital verification process, the system will show whether you have receivables from banks or not.

If you have receivables, you should consult registered, With login or login

For amounts from an account created prior to 2001, the system is different, BC says. To access the specific search tool, you must have the name of the financial institution and the number of the deposit account on hand.

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