The cat disappears inside a wall that has undergone a renovation process; research

A woman posted a video on TikTok after she managed to rescue her missing cat from inside the bathroom wall in her home. The video shows the moment when the masonry “tears” a square on the wall, revealing the animal.

In the United States, the walls of houses are made of wood and plaster, usually in two layers, making them “hollow” on the inside.

A construction worker who was doing a bathroom renovation at the young woman’s home identified as giavanaaaa__ on TikTok didn’t notice the moment the cat slipped unnoticed, hiding between two layers of a wall.

The builder hired to renovate the bathroom didn’t notice that the cat was hiding inside the wall.

Photo: clone/TikTok/@giavannaaaa__

The man finished closing the holes, sticking tiles on the wall, and left. Hours later, the owner noticed the cat’s disappearance, started calling him and it took her a while to discover that the muffled meow she heard was coming from the bathroom.

The woman wrote in the post: “So our tiles were changed today and I heard a meow…my cat got stuck in the wall.” The video has been viewed more than 5.8 million times.

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen

Was my cat stuck behind the wall when he went up to our tiles today? #fyp #is yours # retweet #Never #What is this nonsense

? Oh no – Kreepa

Many people were curious to know how the black cat got stuck in the wall. The woman explained in the comments. “So our house has been undergoing renovation since July. There was nothing closing the wall and making it his hiding place.”

“After laying the tiles yesterday, my dad and I forgot to renovate and the cat was there. I went into the bathroom later that night and heard him meow and that’s when it happened. He only stayed there while the work was done.”

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