A woman calls an app driver and steals his car to get to the airport on time

A woman calls an app driver and steals his car to get to the airport on time

Photo: Reproduction/Austin Police Department.

If you think you are in a hurry, then you still do not know the story of Nyusha Afkamy, who lives in Texas, United States. The woman called the app’s driver to catch a flight at an international airport, but when she realized she wouldn’t arrive on time, she stole the driver’s car and sped away to beat the delay.

Nyusha is 27 years old, and he booked the race in the early hours of Sunday (10), towards Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

When she checked her smartphone and realized she would likely miss her flight, the passenger took the driver’s cell phone and threw it out the window. When the driver went out to retrieve the device, she took the wheel and rushed to the airport.

The alleged thief also left a message: “I need to get to the airport, so I’ll take your car and leave it at Southwest Airlines.”

In fact, Nyusha hurried so much that she managed to arrive before take-off and found time to spend US$130 (R$640 at current exchange rates) on the driver’s credit card.

The suspect was arrested by police officers who were waiting for her at the airport in the departure area. Everything that was charged to the card was with her.

Nyusha was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court on January 9.

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