The British Secretary of Defense advises that the United Kingdom and the United States should not be considered superpowers

The British Secretary of Defense advises that the United Kingdom and the United States should not be considered superpowers

Wallace’s comments a Interview To the visitor magazine, in which Senior British Government official He commented on how London and Washington handled the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan.

Asked if the UK withdrawal from Afghanistan showed the limits of the country’s global power, the Secretary of Defense said “it is obvious that the UK is not a superpower”.

“But a superpower that is not ready to achieve something is not a superpower. It is certainly not a global power, it is a superpower,” he added, openly stating the limits of US power.

As stated in it News In the Guardian newspaper, people close to Wallace acknowledged that his comments could be interpreted as targeting the United States. The minister would have emphasized the importance of political will over military power.

“It was a shock [a cidade de] Herod was taken. Some of these important places have historically been against the Taliban. [organização terrorista proibida na Rússia e em outros países]. When they were taken, without really fighting, I think the game was lost. I remember being told in July that the game was over and we had to do what we could to speed it up no matter what we did, ”Wallace said.

Selectors / Sharon Floyd / Royal Air Force / UK Ministry of Defense

Royal Air Force aircraft with British military boards on departure from Afghanistan

However, the Secretary of Defense said he believed “things could have been much worse” and, fortunately, the Taliban were “satisfied”. Withdrawal of military groups from NATO countries And they did not interfere with the withdrawal.

“They may have been attacked [o aeroporto] With motor. It only takes one or two motors and the planes stop flying – so they could have done a lot of things that way. [Mas] They did not, ”said a senior British official.

From the night of August 30 to the night of August 31, the US military withdrew from Kabul airport, ending nearly 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan.

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According to US President Joe Biden, The US military closure in Afghanistan This is the best way to save the lives of soldiers and ensure that civilians leave the country in the coming weeks or months.

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