The British left could win 70% of parliament in a historic Labor Party victory

The British left could win 70% of parliament in a historic Labor Party victory

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Research conducted by the company Service MRP At the request of the newspaper The Sunday Times and shows what was released last week The ToriesOr the Conservatives, breaking the dominance they have maintained since Brexit took effect in 2020, are expected to suffer a crushing defeat to Labor in the British parliamentary elections.

That year, 2019 elected officials took office and conservatives won almost 50% of the seats. They have managed to elect three prime ministers in succession: Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, the current incumbent.

If the predictions are confirmed in November, when the elections will be held, the conservatives will not be able to elect the country's prime minister as in recent cases. One of the explanations for the decline in popularity of conservatives ParticateThe scandal surrounding the parties thrown by Boris Johnson and his allies during the pandemic and which became public at the end of 2021.

According to the study, if elections were held this month, the Conservatives would have just 98 of the 365 seats they had. This loss represents 267 seats out of the total 650 seats in the Assembly.

And to make matters worse for the British right, Labor will gain 266 seats while they lose 267 seats. The Progressives would go from 203 seats in the current assembly to 468, controlling 72% of the House of Commons. They will elect one of their workers as Prime Minister. Socialist Jeremy Corbyn is the name gaining traction after the survey.

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In Scotland and Wales the Conservative Party will not win any seats. In these countries, Plaid Cymru, the Welsh party, will lose two of its current four seats. And the Scottish National Party will go from 48 seats to 41. The Green Party will lose its only representation.

On the other hand, in addition to Labour, the winners will be the Liberal Democrats. The party will double its seats, from 11 to 22.

The survey interviewed 15,000 British voters. Elections scheduled for the end of the year are yet to have a confirmed date.

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