The British government funded Sebastian Coe's candidacy for the IAAF

The British government funded Sebastian Coe's candidacy for the IAAF
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The Daily Mail says Sebastian Coe has received support from the British government

After the anger sparked by accusations that Sebastian Coe, the British president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, exerted pressure for the American city of Eugene to be elected to host the 2021 World Cup, another controversy returns to the investigation into the matter. Olympic champion.

According to information from the British portal daily Mail, The UK government funded Coe's election campaign with public money. The value is estimated at 63 thousand pounds, which is equivalent to about 360 thousand riyals.

The government hired a public relations firm that promoted the campaign and defrayed the expenses, including travel. Ko has been to Canada three times with a focus on promoting the candidacy.

The controversy is even worse because it arose at a time of cuts in the country. The UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport has cut its budget by 20%, sparking outrage.

The British press is highly critical of the amount of money invested in Coe. “You get two elite athletes at Olympic level and potential world champions,” according to daily Mail. “The combined fee for keeping the best professional athlete in England is £30,000 a year, so there will still be some money left over to invest,” it read.

Coe said at the time that he intended to “promote UK sporting interests at an international level”. Moreover, minor sports in the Queen's country lament that the injection of public money is much greater in elite sports, while others are neglected.

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