The British company says the astrogenic vaccine reaches 168 tumors

The British company says the astrogenic vaccine reaches 168 tumors

Vaccine in the UK

LONDON (Reuters) – The UK drug regulatory agency said on Thursday there were 168 major cases of thrombosis after a single dose of the AstraZeneca Covit-19 vaccine was used, a code of 7.9 per million. The number of the previous week.

100 cases were reported last week, with the total number of cases being 4.9 tumors per million doses.

The astrogenic vaccine has become a surveillance target for very rare tumors, and some countries, including the United Kingdom, recommend vaccinating only those over a certain age.

Adam Finn, professor of pediatrics at the University of Bristol, said an increase in reported cases was expected.

“Cases are reported reliably and quickly, but cases that have occurred before are now recognized and reported,” Finn said.

“As these reports are confirmed, I hope the true number of one million vaccines will become clear very soon, but it is already clear that this will continue to be a very rare occurrence.”

The UK has already distributed the first 21.2 million doses of the astrogenic vaccine, and all reports of side effects came after the first dose, with the exception of one. The total number of second dose administered was not reported.

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