The British Army changed the rule and allowed the use of beards

The British Army changed the rule and allowed the use of beards

In an exciting move for the UK Armed Forces, the military has announced a major update to its dress code: allowing its members to grow beards. The decision, the result of years of debate and a meticulous review process, breaks a long history of restrictions on military appearance.

A military spokesman, in a statement to the BBC, emphasized the importance of listening to the views of its members. “We act based on what we hear from our people,” he said, signaling a new era of openness to change and adapting to the wishes of the current generation. However, the rule is relaxed in certain cases, requiring removal of facial hair when necessary for safety or ethical reasons.

Why are beards allowed now?

The revision of this policy represents an effective strategy for attracting new recruits, consistent with contemporary trends favoring personal expression through facial hair. Military personnel of certain faiths, such as Sikhs, Muslims and Rastafarians, are already exempt from the previous ban under conditions guaranteeing safety and operational efficiency. This development expands inclusion and representation within the organization, while challenging norms established decades ago, from uniform requirements to compliance with safety equipment.

Who influenced this regulatory change?

The change in rules did not happen in isolation. According to The Times newspaper, a senior army officer shared in a video that the decision involved a series of discussions with various stakeholders, including royalty, politicians and international partners. Defense Secretary Grant Schabbs previously publicly criticized the ban as “absurd” and advocated modernization of the force. Following the official announcement, he expressed his support for the change, tying it directly to the recruiting effort and current personal style trends.

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Beards in the Army: A Comparison with Other Services

Acceptance of beards and mustaches was not uniform throughout the British Armed Forces. While the Royal Air Force will adapt to the new regime in 2019, the Royal Navy has long welcomed this unique expression. The recent change in the Army reflects an evolution in the Army's outlook on the makeup of its members, aligning itself more closely with the practices of its sister institutions and reflecting a broader modernization in its policies.

Times are changing in the British Army. The permission to grow a beard not only represents a change in dress code but also a step towards a more inclusive culture suited to modern times. It is an attempt to recognize the preferences of the new generation and make military career more attractive. This gesture, simple in essence, would have a profound impact on the spirit and image of the Army in society.

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