The Android cell phone will have new features; See models

The Android cell phone will have new features;  See models

Remote screen lock. The smartphone screen can also be locked remotely by accessing the “Find my device” function. This is an already existing Android feature dedicated to finding the location of your cell phone. According to Google, using your phone number and authentication, you can lock the device's screen, reducing the risk of someone else accessing your data.

“Private space.” The idea is to have a separate partition on your phone, which can be hidden and protected by a PIN, in addition to simply locking the screen. With this, you can hide sensitive applications, including financial data, documents, and information related to your health, for example.

Which mobile phones will have the new features?

Features will be implemented on Android mobile phones on version 10 (released in 2019) or higher. It will be released gradually throughout the year, through Google Play Services updates.

Android 15, which will be released later this year, will contain these and other new anti-theft functions, according to the company.

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